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Bestway Air Filters is a service company with one specific specialty.  We provide the periodic changing of heating and air conditioning filters for commercial business operations.


Bestway Air Filters uses custom-fitted steel frames and custom polyester or pleated filter inserts.  Cardboard box filters often break there shape win dirt starts to build up and causes the dirt to enter your Hvac unit.  Our poly filters collect between 80% to 88% of your indoor air pollutants.  The standard fiberglass filter used in most companys only collect 9%!


Prospective customers will receive a visit by our service manager who surveys the job site to determine the type, quantity and sizes of filters needed and looks at the ease of access to the filters.  Once this information is compiled a proposal is submitted to you, the customer, for approval.  If the proposal is accepted, you are then entered into our database for scheduling. We will install the filters usually in 1 to 5 days.  Unlike other companys, we do not require contracts.  We believe if we are doing what we said we would, then we will have great business relationship.






Call Today for a free estimate!  (800)251-4953.


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